What you'll learn in this workshop

This workshop will get you started on learning how to edit the source files of Hot Potatoes, so that you can customize the way the exercises look and behave.

What you need How this tutorial works How to use the tutorial
  • A current copy of Hot Potatoes for Windows, version 6.
  • A good working knowledge of the basic features of Hot Potatoes.
  • A text editor (such as HTMLKit, JEdit, Notepad etc.)
  • A little patience and determination

This tutorial contains several types of page:

  • Animation pages (showing how something works in a graphical animated format-- click on buttons to make things happen)
  • Bullet-point pages (showing sets of instructions in bullet-point format -- click on each bullet to read the text)
  • Tabular pages (like this one -- click on the header row to make a column bigger or smaller.
  • Navigate through the pages using the Back, Index and Next buttons at the top right.
  • Make things happen on the page by clicking on column headers in tables, or buttons on the page.