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Java Hot Potatoes version 6

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The current Java version is (25/01/11). This page contains a list of unimplemented features, bugs and updates in the release, in reverse order (most recent first). Grey background items are fixed or completed; white ones are still live or suspected live.

Date Affected application(s) Description / How to reproduce Explanation Thanks to Status
All Potatoes Upload to This feature not implemented in Java Hot Potatoes. You must use Windows Hot Potatoes to upload to Data files created in Java Hot Potatoes can be opened in Windows Hot Potatoes. Not Implemented
All Potatoes Export to SCORM package This feature not implemented in Java Hot Potatoes. You must use Windows Hot Potatoes to export to SCORM. Data files created in Java Hot Potatoes can be opened in Windows Hot Potatoes. Not Implemented
25/01/11 JCloze For exercises in non-Roman characters, the gap length was calculated incorrectly, resulting in very large text boxes in the web page. My code checked the length of the answer after rendering it into html entities, rather than before. George Mihiailidis Fixed in
11/11/2008 JQuiz Under rare circumstances, question type of the wrong question was modified when moving from one question to another near end of question list Temporary variable in my code invoked under those rare circumstances set to wrong value Henri de Marcellus Fixed in
11/11/2008 All Potatoes Two checkboxes in Other tab of configuration window collided with each other. Bug in my code tracking which checkboxes are written by shared code and which by potato-specfic code. Sebastien Calesse Fixed in
11/11/2008 All Potatoes German Interface file corrupted Some errant characters at the start of the German Java Hot Pot interface file removed. Fixed in
13/10/2008 JQuiz Missing keyboard shortcut Command-Ctrl-Shift-Z shortcut added to insert div html for hidden reading (useful only in JQuiz) Fixed in
13/10/2008 Masher Pathnames in masher project files created in Windows and then run in Java didn't work. Absolute pathnames in the project files. Masher modified so that if it can't find the data file at the absolute path, it then tries the folder the masher project file is in. Fixed in
27/01/2008 All Potatoes Linux users reported problems with Hot Potatoes finding images needed in user interface of program Path names made more explicit in code to minimize errors. Fixed in
25/08/2007 All Potatoes the command-control-shift-D keyboard shortcut entered incorrect text Bug in my code Fixed in
25/08/2007 All Potatoes Under some circumstances when it shouldn't have, Hot Potatoes used the last folder you opened a data file in as the default for the save as folder, rather than the last folder you saved a file in. I didn't implement this properly. Fixed in
25/08/2007 JQuiz Users Requested two new text strings in the configuration: "Completed-so-far" and "Exercise-completed" Added these to the configuration window As of
22/02/2007 JMix if the last item on the list was a duplicat and if no trailing carriage return was included in the main sentence, then the two duplicate items were treated as distinct rather than interchangeable Bug in my code Fixed in
22/02/2007 JCross Only allows upper case input of characters and answer checking is case insensitive Change in features requested by users - modified code to allow lower case entry and case-senseitive checking as configured by user. As of
03/01/2007 JQuiz Source code currently hides media players in feedback divs. Need to write code that allows div player in feedback to appear but not anywhere else while the feedback div is visible that works on all browsers. Fixed in
01/02/2007 JMix Multiple instances of the same word in the main sentence were treated as different, rather then interchangeable. Bug in my code Fixed in
26/01/2007 All Potatoes Insert Image window failed to insert a closing slash at the end of the img tag, rendering that tag not xhtml compatible. Also it entered 'width=""' or 'height=""' when no values were entered in the GUI. That is xhtml-compatible but renders inconsistently across browsers. Corrected code to include slash and not to include width or height attributes if they have no value. Fixed in
15/10/2006 All Potatoes Pressing the tab key often inserted a tab character rather than moving focus to next component I modified the code handling this to be more compliant with newer JVM's, so tab key should now reliably move focus Fixed in
15/11/2006 JQuiz When shuffling questions in the editor, the data sometimes became corrupted I fixed the bug in JQuiz causing this Fixed in
15/11/2006 JQuiz When inserting or deletings, the information in the user interface was temporarily incorrect I fixed the bug in JQuiz, so now the GUI is instantly correct Han Schappi Fixed in
15/10/2006 JCross the keypad for special Roman and non-Roman characters did not reliably appear on the exercise page I fixed the bugs in JCross which were causing the keypad not to appear as it should in certain circumstances Han Schappi Fixed in
30/09/2006 All Potatoes the Change Interface Window did not launch properly Fixed recently introduced bug in JMix which was causing the problem Han Schappi Fixed in
03/07/06 All Potatoes browse button in Insert Image, Link or Object dialogs does not insert path properly on Windows fixed bug in code that was working out relative path names Amanda Doran Fixed in
03/07/06 All Potatoes Launch page automatically fails for local files on windows Modified code to solve bug. Amanda Doran Fixed in
23/06/06 All Potatoes Tooltips sometimes interfere with using application Added an item to options menu to hide or show tooltips Hans Schappi Included in
16/06/06 JMatch Guess Correct and Guess Incorrect text fields in configuration window, prompts tab were not saved and any modifications in them were ignored Bug has been fixed Hans Schappi Fixed in
24/05/2006 All Potatoes Quicktime player option in Insert Object inserts code that doesn't work properly in new releases of FireFox modified code to insert a more complex object Hans Schappi Fixed in
16/5/2006 All Potatoes Masher now included Included in
10/4/2006 Various Potatoes 30 texts not treated properly by the Change User Interface window various bugs in code, mostly minor Hans Schappi Fixed for
6/4/2006 JCloze If you have more than 3 alternatives and close the Gap Details dialog with other than first three showing, the alternative texts are corrupted. Bug in code that sets up the Gap Details dialog Edwin Hirt Fixed for
29/3/2006 Various Potatoes Fails to successfully read a version 5 data file which contains an ampersand character or accented characters Bug in code based on change in how ampersand characters were handled from version 5 to version 6 Terry Redding, Hans Schappi Fixed for
19/3/2006 JCloze If you have more than three alternate answers, they may be corrupted if you click on the up-arrow and down-arrow buttons Bug in code Edwin Hirt Fixed in
15/2/2006 Various Potatoes In the Change tab of the Change Interface window, you must force the focus out of the "desired text" box by pressing the tab key or the change is not remembered. Problem with code that handles where the focus is. Fixed in
15/2/2006 JCloze If a line in the JCloze Exercise Text field begins with a gap, and if you save the file and then later open the file, then the carriage return preceding the gap is lost, causing the gap to appear a the end of the preceding line. Bug in code Jaap ten Napel Fixed in
25/1/2006 Various Potatoes The plain text output corrupted non-Roman characters. Bug in code caused character encoding to be US-ASCII instead of UTF-8. Michiyo Fixed in
5/1/2006 Various Potatoes Under certain circumstances, the output routine for exercises failed to include one close tag. Pages worked, but did not validate Missing instruction in output routine has been included. Fixed in
5/12/2005 JCross If you tried to move the letters around on the grid using the four arrow buttons, on the topleft 8 by 8 grid of letters moved. Bug in code which determined if a cell read in from the data file was empty rather than contained a space character. Fixed in
30/11/2005 JCross If you opened a jcw data file and then tried to create an exercise, the exercise was not created. Bug in JCross introduced in which caused the program to believe that no words were located on the grid, so no exercise generated. Peter Blackburn, Michael Riccioli Fixed in
24/11/2005 JQuiz If you created a hybrid question which included alternate correct answers which you did not wish to appear in the MC part of the question, and those appeared before answers you did wish to appear in the MC part of the question, all answers in the MC part of the hybrid question were considered correct. Two lines of code in JCross in reversed order. Peter Ruthven-Stuart Fixed in
19/mm/2005 JCross Non-Roman characters did not appear properly in the array on the web page, so were not displayed properly Bug in JCross code that wrote the entities representing non-Roman characters in Javascript arrays Kazumi Hatasa Fixed in
15/11/2005 JCross if more than one instance of the same word appeared in a grid, either the last instance's clue or no clue was saved with the data file and with the exercise Bug in JCross code which tested for multiple instances of the same word in grid. Doug Gilliland Fixed in
09/11/2005 JCloze If you create gaps and then insert an image, link, table or object from the Insert menu, the gaps are ungapped. Bug in JCloze allowing this has been fixed. Philomena Meechan
06/11/2005 JCross Clues entered were sometimes lost when you clicked the Done button in the JCross Clues dialog You are now required to double-click a cell in the table to edit the clue, but this ensures that you don't lose clues when you click the Done button. Doug Gilliland
04/11/2005 JQuiz short-answer output pages were missing the "" tag, which meant the XHTML was not valid JQuiz code changed to make the "" tag appear in the output Doug Gilliland
31/10/2005 All Potatoes Navigation button captions did not properly escape the "<" and ">" characters, which caused errors when validating pages. Code modified to escape those characters on those captions
04/09/2005 JCloze If you choose to display the word list, the words appear in the order that they are needed to fill in the gaps correctly, which is giving the student too much help. The words in the word list now appear in alphabetical order, not in the order of correct answers. Scott Petersen Fixed in
04/09/2005 All Potatoes The colours buttons in the appearance tab of the configuration window fails to launch the colours dialog box. Bug in the code, not sure when introduced. Lotze Ludeger Fixed in
16/08/2005 JQuiz, JMix Using the up and down answer arrows in JQuiz (or the up and down alt sentence arrows in JMix) causes the wrong text to appear in the text boxes. Caused by the rewrite of the interface objects for Fixed in
11/08/2005 JQuiz When inserting an image, link etc. the tag is always inserted into the title text box and not into the textbox that has the focus. When rewriting the interface objects for, I accidentally removed the code in JQuiz that tracks which textbox has the focus, causing the problem. That code has been replaced for version Fixed in
30/07/2005 JCross If grid is resized in Create Grid Automatically window, some of the words are truncated in the data file. Two separate bugs in the JCross code combined to cause this. They have been fixed. Peter Ruthven-Stuart Fixed in
13/07/2005 All Potatoes Double-byte (in fact any non-Roman characters) entered into Reading Text box are not rendered properly when you export an exercise page. Bug in the program affecting only output to web pages, not to data files, so no data has been corrupted. Scott Petersen Fixed in
13/07/2005 JMatch When you click on the up-item or down-item arrow buttons, the texts in the boxes don't update. Caused by a bug introduced in Scott Petersen Fixed in
08/07/2005 JCross Create grid from list of words included in
20/04/2005 All Potatoes In Mac OS 10.3.9, when I click on the application icon, the launch process starts then the icon in the dock fades away and nothing else happens problem is a Java and Safari issues after updating to Mac OS X v10.3.9. Simple fix instructions at Pierre Blais, Michael Riccioli, Gerald Grow
04/04/2005 All Potatoes "unnamed.htm" appears in the save exercise dialog "" no longer appears in the save as dialog. If you create an exercise, the program: looks for the folder you last saved an exercise to, and opens the dialog to that folder. If you have created an exercise since the last time you opened a data file or started a new exercise, that filename is suggested, otherwise, a filename based on the data file name is suggested. If there is no data file, then no filename is suggested. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 All Potatoes Save Exercise dialog did not remember most recent folder saved to from one session to the next HotPotatoes remembers the directory you saved an exercise to and the directory you last opened or saved a data file to/from from session to session in the preference file, so the next time you launch the same potato, the save exercise, open data file and save data file dialogs open to those folders, rather than to the user's default folder. Greg Newton Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 All Potatoes The page contains "UNREGISTERED TEST VERSION" instead of the registered user's name The registered user's name is now written out to the html page. Michael Riccioli Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 All Potatoes Unable to automatically launch files with space character in them. All potatoes can now successfully launch files with space characters in them on Mac, windows and Unix. The program also warns you that space characters are unwise in file names. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 All Potatoes In Linux, the launch page button failed to open the page Launch page in browser for Linux now attempts to launch mozilla. Linux users can change the browser by modifying the "linux-browser" value in the file hotpot6prefs.xml Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 JMatch data containing quotation mark or apostrophes created corrupted pages JMatch now generates Drag and Drop exercises containing quotation marks and apostrophes properly Scott Petersen Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 JCloze Ungapped words included in array on page JCloze ungap feature now eliminates unwanted gaps from the exercise data structure as well as from the text field. Previously the "orphaned" item in the data structure caused problems under certain conditions when creating an exercise or saving a data file. During this fix I've also removed the code that adds an extra space character after a gap when creating it, and the code that causes a space character to appear in the text box when you first start the program. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 JQuiz Page provided only a small textfield no matter how large the correct answer JQuiz questions with large answers now generate a (multiple-line, scrolling) textarea on the webpage instead of a (single-line) textfield. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/04/2005).
04/04/2005 JCloze Dropdown lists had more than one instance of the same word JCloze using dropdown lists now generates only one instance of an answer word, even if more than one gap has the same answer word. When generating the list of drop-down items, the setting of the case-sensitivity checkbox in the configuration window is respected Glenys Hanson Fixed in (04/04/2005).
07/03/2005 All Potatoes Next Exercise URL not always saved properly Next Exercise URL now consistently saved to data files and web pages and read in from data files properly. Michael Riccioli Fixed in (07/03/2005).
04/03/2005 JCloze Fails to create more than five gaps when reading a data file in. This bug introduced when I added code to limit capabilities of unregistered versions. Annelies Braams Fixed in (04/03/2005).
04/03/2005 JMatch, JCloze, JQuiz Carriage returns in many text boxes were not turned into "
" tags when generating output to webpages.
All multi-line textboxes now replace carriage returns with break tags when outputting to page. Kat Tancock Fixed in (07/03/2005).
04/03/2005 All Potatoes Default config file always opened at start of new session Save Config As now updates the config path in the application preferences file, so that file is opened the next time you open a potato, instead of the default one. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/03/2005).
04/03/2005 All Potatoes Text of Exercise Subtitle box was not always successfully copied into page's subtitle Caused by a bug introduced in when I added some code to prevent empty subtitles from being copied into the page. This now works properly. Kat Tancock Fixed in (04/03/2005).
04/02/2005 All Potatoes extra carriage returns added when reading in a version 5 file Fixed a bug which caused extra carriage returns to appear in some configuration items when reading a version 5 data or config file. Gerald Grow Fixed in (04/02/2005).
04/02/2005 JCloze output pages not xhmtl valid JCloze now creates xhtml-compliant gaps. Formerly a close-angle-bracket was missing, which caused certain browsers not to display the page properly. Philomena Meechan Fixed in (04/02/2005).
04/02/2005 JCloze if opening a data file with no gaps, no plain text appeared JCloze now correctly opens data files that have no gaps in them. Fixed in (04/02/2005).
04/02/2005 All potatoes non-Roman characters in configuration generated corrupted pages A number of configuration items were not escaped properly, causing various problems on the page. Piero Galli Fixed in (04/02/2005).
04/02/2005 JCloze single letter words not autogapped properly JCloze auto-gaps single-letter words properly. Formerly, if the single letter appeared in the preceding word, the letter in the preceding word was gapped instead of the single letter word. Piero Galli Fixed in (04/02/2005).
10/12/2004 JCloze Resizing window caused textfield to grow outside window JCloze now resizes properly. Previously, when the window was resized, the main text area extended beyond the right-hand side of the window and a horizontal scrollbar was generated. Fixed in (10/12/2004).
10/12/2004 JCloze Fails to generate list of words on web page JCloze now includes the list of words when you set the appropriate checkbox in the other panel of the configuration window. Previously it did not create the list of words when asked to. Fixed in (10/12/2004).
18/11/2005 JCloze Gave "your selection contains invisible characters" warning at wrong time JCloze now detects invisible characters (like tab or return) properly. Previously, under certain circumstances, JCloze would say "your selection contains invisible characters, so I can't create a gap" when that was not the case. Annelies Braams Fixed in (18/11/2004).
18/11/2005 JQuiz In Safari, it was possible to get a score of -infinity instead of 0. JQuiz source files updated to accommodate a bug in Safari. Formerly, if a student clicked all the wrong answers in a multiple choice question they got a score of -infinity instead of 0. Janet Perry Fixed in (18/11/2004).
18/11/2005 All potatoes Insert Image html did not work in IE for Windows Changed the code for centering an inserted image so that it is both standards compliant and works with the non-compliant Internet Explorer Fixed in (18/11/2004).
15/10/2004 JQuiz Answers and feedback from version 5 data files not read in properly JQuiz can now correctly open jbc data files from version 5 of Hot Potatoes; formerly the answers and feedback did not appear reliably. Gerald Grow Fixed in (15/10/2004).
15/10/2004 JQuiz Carriage returns in feedback cause created page to be corrupted Carriage returns are now handled properly when creating a page. Hanspeter Siegfried Fixed in (15/10/2004).
15/10/2004 JQuiz Correct answers were assigned 0% Percent corrects are now set correctly when opening a data file in JQuiz; formerly correct answers were assigned 0% instead of 100% (or whatever value the author had specified) Eric Rivera Fixed in (15/10/2004).

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