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Windows version 7.0

The current Windows version is (16/04/2020). This page contains a list of bugs and updates in the release, in reverse order (most recent first). Grey background items are fixed or completed; blue/white ones are still live or suspected live.

Date Affected application(s) Description / How to reproduce Explanation Thanks to Status
16/04/2020 All? Exercise may include the entity  , which is not defined in XHTML5. This should be replaced by  . These were hangovers from XHTML 1.1, and have now been replaced (where needed) with   Thanks to Ron Van den Branden for reporting this. Fixed in (16/04/2020).
01/01/2020 JMix and JMatch The bottom navigation bar in drag-drop exercises was very slightly wider than the top one. I'm pretty sure this is caused by the fact that the bottom nav bar is constructed by cloning the top one, and that when it's cloned, it's not attached to the document so doesn't inherit all the same features. The fix was to add box-sizing: border-box to the nav bar CSS. Thanks to Agn├Ęs Simonet both for the discovery and the suggested fix. Fixed in (01/01/2020).
01/01/2020 All applications Some media files such as MP4 were ignored when creating a zip version of an exercise. The list of media file types used by Hot Potatoes was long out of date. More recent file types have now been added. Thanks to Michael Slater for discovering this one. Fixed in (01/01/2020).

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